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Workshop UNIGATE IC-implementation and Protocol Developer


Protocol Developer


This workshop provides you with information how to integrate the Deutschmann Fieldbus-IC-modules into your hardware and things to be observed. In the second part of this workshop the main features of the Script language and the use of the Deutschmann PC-software Protocol Developer are provided.

Each workshop participant receives an EVA-KIT for the Deutschmann Script language. With this bus-independent Evaluation Kit Scripts can be developed and tested . This Script runs on all type series of Deutschmann UNIGATE Gateways.


Start: 08:30
Short overview of the important Fieldbus systems and Industrial Ethernet
Features of a bus-sytem
- Those parameters that are different and that have to be considered for a Script programming are being examined at differnet bus-systems
Short product presentation of the type series UNIGATE CL and UNIGATE IC.
Introduction of the configuration tool 'WINGATE'
Implementation of UNIGATE IC into your own hardware.
What has to be considered, direct implementation, design of a carrier board  etc.
Lunchbreak: 12:00 - 13:00
Software tool 'Protocol Developer' - Structure of the program, syntax, online help, Script examples etc.
Generation of a Script sample for a transparent data exchange and simple RS-protocol
Examination of the bus-systems - Access and exchange of bus data through the Script language, buffering, processing etc.
'Changing to another bus - made easy' - Adapting existing Scripts to another bus-system
Tips and tricks - Considering several Scripts in one bus-system, presenting different products with different configurations in one Script.
Resolving participants' questions
End: Appr. 17:00


We offer you 2 variants:

1. Workshop and Developerkit UNIGATE IC-AB1 incl. 1 UNIGATE IC of your choice: Special pricing for this package is € 350,00. In individual terms, the Developerkit UNIGATE IC-AB costs € 295,00 plus ca. € 120,00 for the UNIGATE IC (depending on the model)

2. Workshop with EVA-Kit (the EVA-Kit is suited to learn the Script language): € 89,00 per participant.

The charges are exclusive of any applicable VAT. The price includes the beverages during the breaks, lunch and workshop documentation. 

A written registration is required, at least 8 days prior to the scheduled date. Cancellations not later than 7 days prior to the date will not be charged, after that we charge 80% of the training fee. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if there are less than four participants.

The workshop can also be held on your business premises with your individual agenda. Please contact us and we will be pleased to submit you a corresponding offer.




Date Course Place  
25.10.2017 Workshop UNIGATE IC - German speaking Bad Camberg

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